Should Your Finance Or Lease Your New Hyundai

October 11th, 2022 by

Many loyal Hyundai owners would appreciate the opportunity to drive away from Dahl Hyundai in a new model. The Tucson, Elantra, Sonata, and Venue do draw shoppers’ attention. What deal does the would-be driver choose? Buying and leasing are the two options, which one is better? The answer depends on personal preferences and circumstances. Both options are viable ones.

Similarities Between Financing and Leasing

Whether financing a vehicle or leasing it, expect to make a down payment. Also, there will be monthly payments required. Monthly payments on a lease are usually much lower since you pay for depreciation on a vehicle you will return. Both leasing and financing come with terms, although leases commonly run for two to five years. An auto loan could run five years and even further with refinancing.

Leasing Considerations

Leasing a vehicle could be a better choice for someone who wants to upgrade a vehicle every two or three years. With rapid developments of new features in the auto industry, frequent upgrades come with benefits.

Buying a new model comes often means selling or trading in the old model. With a lease, returning the vehicle to Dahl Hyundai takes care of the old model. On the same visit, it may be possible to lease a new Hyundai right away.

Financing Options

If you want to keep the car, that becomes the automatic result once the full auto loan balance reaches zero. Maybe you want to keep the car for many years. That’s fine since the Hyundai is yours. Also, you won’t experience any mileage limitations. Leases come with a set number of miles, and going over requires paying extra. Holmen and Genoa, WI leasers become responsible for damage-related costs when returning, something of no concern when financing.

Ask About Leasing and Financing Specials

Our La Crosse showroom has many Hyundai models available for sale or lease. Keep checking our website to check out our deals and specials. Whether you’re in West Salem or Westby, contact us to learn more.

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