Here at our La Crosse, WI Hyundai dealership, we field a lot of different questions from car shoppers from all corners of the state. However, while drivers from Holmen to Genoa, WI may not always have the same questions and concerns, one query comes up more often than not, "Should I buy or lease your next car?" As a new and used Hyundai dealer, we've got a wealth of experience answering financing questions like these, so we'd be happy to assist you in finding the best auto finance solution for your budget and lifestyle.

Why lease a new Hyundai car near West Salem at Dahl Hyundai?

If you love the feeling of driving a new vehicle, then a new Hyundai lease may just be for you. Typically, leases are only available for new models, so you won't find any lease deals available for used cars. However, new Hyundai leasing does have some benefits and drawbacks to leasing a new Hyundai car here at our La Crosse, WI dealership. On the one hand, leasing a new car means that most regular maintenance is covered under the generous Hyundai New Vehicle Limited Warranty and you'll often enjoy lower monthly payments than you would with most new car loans. However, you won't own the vehicle you lease outright, so you'll be subject to some restrictions on mileage and wear and tear. Plus, you won't be able to sell the vehicle, but you will be free to lease a newer Hyundai every few years when you return your vehicle to our dealership.

Why buy a car at Dahl Hyundai?

Unlike leasing, you're free to finance a new or used car, or buy outright if you have the funds available. However, for most folks in the greater Westby area, financing a new or used car means securing a car loan, which can be a bit more expensive on a monthly basis than leasing, and may require a larger down payment. However, you'll own your vehicle outright, meaning you'll be free to drive to your heart's content, personalize your vehicle with accessories and parts, and sell it whenever you like if you're looking to get a new car.

Want to learn more about the finer points of financing or leasing your next car with Dahl Hyundai?

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