Tire pressure is very often neglected by many car owners. The ramifications go much farther than simply flat or not flat. Keeping your tires filled to the proper pressure can not only increase your fuel economy and tire life, it can also improve the ride characteristics of your vehicle and improve the handling, which increases safety.

Most modern vehicles have tire pressure monitor systems that alert the driver to inadequate pressure levels. However, these systems are intended as failsafe measures alerting the driver to dangerous low pressure levels, but not to non-optimal pressures. Those that don't live in areas with weather extremes may not know that your tire pressure fluctuates with the temperature. Cold air compresses gasses, including air, resulting in lower tire pressure when it is cold. The opposite is true when the temperature goes up. You should take measures such as Nitrogen filling your tires which can be done at the service department of Dahl Hyundai. It is vital to the life and performance of your tires.
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