Many people lease vehicles and they get used to them over the years. However, what next after the lease period comes to an end? We here at here at Dahl Hyundai in La Crosse have prepared a guide for our esteemed customers to follow when their lease ends:

  • Hand in your leased vehicle: Once you have met all the lease end obligations such as the stipulated mileage and the car is in excellent condition, return it and walk away.
  • Purchase your leased vehicle: If you have liked your car, you can go ahead and buy it.
  • Lease another vehicle: You can lease another car with Dahl Hyundai from the wide vehicle selection available.
  • Extend your lease: You can contact our dealership and look at the available options to extend the lease through an arranged payment method.

Ending your lease no longer needs to be daunting, we here at Dahl Hyundai are available to help you. Contact our team today.

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