Vehicles need fluid to operate properly, but they don't just need any fluid. They need the correct fluid. A vehicle also requires the proper fluid levels. Vehicles have moving parts. Each part needs lubrication. That's where the fluid comes in on many components. Let the Dahl Hyundai team help you!

You are probably aware of issues associated with oil. Oil needs to be changed regularly. If oil gets too thick, it could hurt your engine. If oil levels are low, your engine won't run smoothly. Another important fluid is your brake fluid. This is a necessity for vehicles. Brake fluid allows vehicle drivers to stop on time. Low brake fluid could spell trouble. Transmission fluid is also a fluid to monitor. This powerful fluid helps your vehicle when you shift gears. Your automatic vehicle might struggle to switch gears if fluids are low. Finally, coolant is another important fluid and it can keep your engine from overheating.

Our professionally trained technicians are always prepared to check each fluid. They can fill each to the proper level. They can also change any fluid that requires it. You can schedule an appointment with our service team today.

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